Graphic Violence

2000 - 2011

Don’t worry, we're still alive and kicking. But Graphic Violence is six feet under. What started off as a money-machine by 14-year old kids, grew into a serious web design business with many cool results: We’ve done some legendary stuff for a bunch of wonderful clients (and got ripped off by a few assholes along the way). We’ve parted as friends, simply because we all outgrew the business. It’s ok, please stop crying. We look back at 11 epic years of running, falling, getting up again and becoming more than we could ever have envisioned back in the old days.
Thanks to all who helped us along the way.
Here’s to the past. To now. And to the future.

So, what are the boys doing then?

Roel van Duijnhoven Mr. PHP & MySQL

Roel is finishing his Masters degree in Computer Sciences at TU Eindhoven. In 2010, he started Jouwweb and won the TU Eindhoven Business Plan Award. After 10 years of die-hard coding he has become a wizard in web programming. Enough said. Get in touch with Roel via LinkedIn.

Marin Licina Industrious Creativity

Marin currently is Product Lead at Pimmr and Designer-in-residence at Stech Ventures. He recently graduated by co-creating the Omnichannel Strategy for G-Star Raw. Marin’s exploits in the USA as 2012 Kauffman Global Scholar had lead him to a UX Design position at Adobe and to co-founding a fashion-technology startup Pelliano, for which he won a Student Entrepreneur Award. Invite Marin to dinner via LinkedIn.

Tim Rutten Enterprising Connector

Tim toured the United States as a Kauffman Global Scholar in 2011, studying at MIT, Stanford and Harvard. Tim went on and founded Agency Grid and Headspace. Follow Tim via LinkedIn and Twitter.